AOC Democrats want to eat babies after they feast on the corpses of the dead!

We wish this was a joke…

True horror this Halloween season as AOC’s Green Deal advocates also hunger for the flesh of the dead and infants!

She won’t even say no.

It’s not often we get to witness real life horror scenes play out, recorded, and mass distributed to the world. This, however, is no joke or hint at an upcoming movie. It was only a matter of time until the unhinged masses began demanding the flesh of the innocent after having clarified they’re ready to “eat the corpses of the dead” and it was all in a single statement on the above-mentioned video.

What does this mean for the “Green New Deal” when the followers are shambling, flesh eating, ghouls? We can only wonder. Why AOC has not made a statement against eating human flesh and babies has baffled millions.

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