Joe Biden cheats during presidential debates with wire device other news sources and campaign deny… If you thought things were bad with Antifa burning down cities and hiding amongst BLM protestors while KILLING people on their own side and RUNNING PEOPLE OVER with their cars, Democrat Presidential figurehead, Joe BidenContinue Reading

Qassem Soleimani, an advocate and director of Anti-United States attacks, was killed in a bombing on December 27 2019. Due to the rising Anti-U.S. sentiment in places like Iran, Iraq, Syria and other middle-eastern Islamo-Political run nations the fallacious justification for “Killing Americans” is enforced by military leaders who’s propagandaContinue Reading

When you think the “End of the year” the idea of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other Holiday you can imagine are pretty much packed into the “Last Quarter” of the year. However, Asurion has decided that the best gift is to leave their “Contracted Remote Tech Support” Agents and Techs from their “Anywhere Expert” Platform without a job. Continue Reading

Social Media Propagandist “God” begs for money after being deplatformed and spins a narrative defending STEM School Domestic Terrorists… Days do not go by without questioning “Are we real?”, “Is there more to life than this drag and immoral cesspool of children drag queen strippers?”, “Is Joe Biden really aContinue Reading

The Apparatus News Network is here to provide an external view to the situations that drive the world and it’s people one way or another. While Extreme “Progressives” push for a Orwellian Nightmare and far leaning “Conservatives” demand more freedom we can only ask ourselves one question:“Is this really whatContinue Reading