NATO may have Pushed Ukraine into Land Conflict with Russia via Big Oil interests

It’s not every day you see western multinational corporations start a land-war between the World Superpower of Russia and the slowly modernizing nation of Ukraine but that’s what happened the end of February.

Shell and Exxon both withdrew from involvement with Ukraine after Russia expressed an interest in the natural resources which was covered by mainstream media, however, FCC and the UK’s censorship board refused to disclose further information about the “Pull out of Big Oil involvement”. Other “Big Oil” companies had also expressed interest before the Russia began it’s aggressions and before potential NATO representatives tried to push efforts on Russia through Ukraine over territorial control of the seaboard and various other locales of importance.

Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union Ukraine was an adjunct state of the U.S.S.R. and remained mostly underutilized during it’s stint in the massive Communist dictatorship. Recently, Vladimir Putin (Russia’s President) had expressed interest in restoring some of the power to his country lost in the dissolution of said old regime which would put him in direct conflict with the Ukraine and the vested interests of Nato Founding business entities.

We reached out to Shell, Exxon, and a few other petroleum companies PR and Legal departments only to be given “No comment” in the matter when asked “What the scope of involvement with Ukrainian fuel infrastructure was offered before withdrawing the offer when Russia got involved.” which only deepens our suspicion in the matter.

Atrocities committed in the name of conquest are never justified, neither is the blood spilled of innocent or soldier for oil or any natural resource (territory included) but it would require both Ukraine and Russia’s agreement to end these crimes against humanity. The very act taken to “Empower Russia” may have set the Russian president on the fast track to being replaced in office. Only time will tell but on the world stage MSM has made it very obvious that his actions don’t have everyone’s best interest in mind.

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