Kyle Rittenhouse “Not Guilty” on all counts!

Rittenhouse found Not Guilty on all counts for defending himself during a riot.

Imagine, if you will, a 17 year old with an AR15 who crossed state lines to show solidarity and protest the riots going on in the city of Kenosha. This child was given said weapon as a deterrent after the news reported on violence targeting non-riot participants. However, on this evening the worst possible situation happened.

This 17 year old, Kyle Rittenhouse, was first attacked by a man who thought it would be a good idea to run up, jump into the air and excite a flying kick as to knock the child down. A second attempt was made to jump kick the child while he was on the ground but the attacker would find himself on the receiving end of self defense with the rifle. However, this wasn’t the end of the attack on the child.

After the first attack a second man, with a skateboard decided it was time to follow up. That’s correct. While carrying a rifle someone thought it would be a good idea to run up beside a frightened child defending themselves and coldcock them with an improvised deadly weapon (a board of wood with sustainable durability that can support a full grown human male of up to 290 lbs.). Kyle gave ample time for his assailant to disengage but they did not so he defended himself once again.

A third attacker ran up to the scene. This man was “Going to even the odds” and had a handgun with him. Stupidly, he rushed up to the child who was still holding the rifle and pointed the gun at his head. The child defended himself a third time, sparing the attacker with the pistol’s life due to the proximity. Effectively disarming his third attacker and ending the altercation.

The Prosecutor has ZERO gun control even when it’s not loaded displaying an absolute disregard for human life.

A year later Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with two murders, and an assault with a deadly weapon along with attempted murder. The trial was a circus. Prosecutors were using conjecture and attempting to push fallacies of appealing to emotion from the jury. Kyle had to say “Videogames aren’t real” at one point. The Prosecutor went so far as to present an AR15 and then finger the trigger while aiming it at the jury as an “Example of the deadly weapon used to kill 2 of 3 of the attackers”.

Trigger Discipline is key. Don’t be like the Prosecutor.

Today, 11/19/2021, Kyle was rendered “Not guilty on all counts” by the jury. Self Defense stands and the child who has spent his last “Year” of childhood in a detention center will now be free to live his life as an emancipated adult (in most states). However, mainstream media will have a lot to make up for with their constant libel content and defamation of character of young Mr. Rittenhouse in addition to multiple celebrities whom began a witch hunt before a verdict was reached in an effort to sway the jury through means of social media like the following:

There will be a lot of Defamation Lawsuits and Kyle will be given the justice he is owned and MSM will answer for their crimes.

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