Terrifying New Bioweapon from China uses Genetics to kill targets based on race, ethnicity and heritage

The People’s Republic of China have protocols to weaponize any advancements they make in technology…

China has collected over 8 Million DNA samples from American subjects through a Chinese State Controlled company to incorporate the data into their most diabolical weapon to date.

It’s not every day that the Communist Nation of China staggers America and the rest of the world with their newest technology in warfare twice in a week. However, that’s happened this week with Hypersonic Nuclear Warheads and Bioweapons that target genetics. Various podcasts and sources in developing medicine out of China have been disclosing the theoretical application of therapies through “Blank DNA” however this technology has been taken by the Chinese Communist Government to be weaponized. More info in the video below:

This new weapon uses Genetic information collected by the Chinese Government during the Coronavirus spread. It’s a frightening prospect but it must be confronted and we can’t keep giving this country countless “Get out of jail free” cards when they’re the ones unleashing plights upon the world.

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