Joe Biden Fails “World Peace” with messy pull out of Afghanistan while the Taliban take over

Taliban broadcasting from the Presidential Palace

President Joe Biden failed American Allies in Afghanistan and the Taliban confiscate all the weapons left behind as the “President of Afghanistan” flees Kabul.

It’s not everyday when you see the absolute failure of a world leader lead to the the massive exodus of citizens of an allied nation fleeing from their capital. 8/15/2021 is just another milestone in the monumental nightmare that was this “President’s Promise”. The sudden call to “Withdraw all forces” and pull out of Afghanistan after a 20 year occupation has only lead to another “Evacuation of Saigon” incident.

What we found with a little bit of looking was this is not actually “Sudden Withdrawal”. Last year President Biden signed a contract with the Taliban to “Be out by April 2021”. Effectively breaking the long-standing standard of not negotiating with terrorists. However, this is just one of many missteps of the “Child Sniffing President’s” addled mind (That’s how the rest of the world sees him so you better wake up).

U.S. Servicemen have been firing guns into the air to “calm the aggressive crowd” and prevent Afghan people from boarding American Transport Planes at the Kabul Airport. Meanwhile, the President is not staying in the White House for some reason. Maybe it’s out of the realization that he just left billions of dollars in war assets in the hands of Anti-American Jihadists claiming to “have spent 15+ years in Guantanamo bay” (and 8 of them while Joe’s buddy, Barak Hussain Obama, was in office).

Who is to be held responsible and accountable if not the Executive Branch? Speaker Peolosi wants to commend the President while men, women, and children will be lined up and beheaded for “Offending the Kalifate”. Some people would prefer a death from great heights to what awaits them under a new regime.

We’re not saying the president is a failure to America, no, we’re saying he’s a failure to the world at large and the movement toward global world peace. Americans voted for this and they got what they voted for: America appearing weak to the rest of the world.

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