John McAfee killed in Spanish Jail after whistleblowing on “The Elite”

Antivirus creator, John McAfee, “Found dead in prison” after announcing he was going to expose the “Super Rich” and Political Collaborators

Spanish Judges had greenlit extradition to face charges for the 2016-2018 tax years for evasion of IRS dues. However, weeks before McAfee “died” he had disclosed on social media that he’s not into killing himself. He’s been outting the United State’s Governmental Mismanaged Spending for a long time.

However, he spoke on the matter back in 2019:

It wouldn’t be the first time a whistleblower was offed. Epstein was killed in the USA before he was able to be taken to court and made to expose ALL of those involved. Because of this we can only assume that if his cryptocurrency $WHACKED will shed some light on the grim subject of government corruption and manipulation. He was very aware of it:

While these are concerning to say the least we’ve had 1st hand encounter’s with John McAfee that may shock you. He’s disclosed much and this is what we’re going to give the the public in an abridged fashion (We’ve removed some names and vulgarities until such time that mainstream news releases the $WHACKED Dead Man’s Switch):

  • “Elon Musk and the US Government are in Cahoots. Space X/Tesla/Boring Company whatever other front Elon uses are all “Subsidized” by NASA, Black Budget Financial Acquisitions and/or whatever Green Deal his Democrat Friends are pushing. His “High Speed Rail” is a Ponzi scheme that had federal and state officials emptying their coffers just to “Show their support for alternative travel and transit solutions” while children in Africa are dying while mining cobalt for his Electric Car Batteries which cause more damage to the environment in production and use as modern fossil fuel vehicles do in comparison. To tie it all up with a bow he plays and shorts the crypto market while pretending to be it’s poster boy.”
  • “Bill Gates invested money in the same place (Wuhan Institute) COVID-19 originated from and he also OWNS the company that created a primary vaccine for it. He’s so sloppy him and all of his buddies ran a “test scenario” of a Pandemic Outbreak with the WHO and his buddies at the “World Health organization” like Anthony Fauci months before the “Leak” happened.
  • “I’ve had some wild parties and lived the party animal life – prostitutes, drugs, living in excess. I’ve had millionaires and billionaires come to me and offer their wives, daughters, and sons in exchange for “Favors” and “political clout”. The New World Order movement is very much tied to folks like Epstein whom holds copious amounts of blackmail over heads of state but he’s a choir boy compared to who’s out there. Hollywood and the News Media corporations are managed by human slave-masters whom deal in sex-trade and social engineering of stereotypes and enforced culture biases while simultaneously encouraging victim-complexes across minorities and majorities in attempts to neg and diminish the “Social Cohesion” of the “Civilized world” all the meanwhile bathing in the blood and stem cells of children.”
  • “The government is playing both sides of any and every war since the dawn of time. Those in charge of academia and social change have to. Just look at Israel and Palestine – we give them both BILLIONS of dollars in foreign aid and the use it to bomb the Hell out of each other. The guys that flew the planes into the towers – CIA funded plants to push the Patriot Act agenda to force us into a police state and inflict one of the worst cases of PTSD on the American People since the horror of World War II and the Atrocities OUR GOVERNMENT committed with nuking Japan and giving the rest of the world PTSD back in the 1940s. The “Guys in charge” with their various little Intelligence networks and Think Tanks are doing all this to puppet the world to their cause.”
  • “Religion, man, religion where you worship anything beyond the soul is pretty much providing a “Graven Image” to support justification of fighting for whatever that “Image” is. It’s a control mechanism that suits those in power whom control the social welfare, education, and growth of a population. You could easily establish a code of law, honor, Bushido, whatever you need as the mores of a society and what’s legal and not without placing “what happens after death” in a superposition over responsibility. If man does not fear death and Hell and a government that enforces those fears society would have to hold those whom harm each other accountable and that won’t work for “The Rich” because their atrocities would have them lined up against a wall as soon as we found out their crimes against humanity.”
  • “Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, The Young Turks,
  • “IRS, FEMA, FCC are all elements made to control everyone making less than 45k-80k a year. You’ve got to see that they are garnishing your income, controlling your costs of living, and control what “News” you get because it all goes through them. “Government Agenda” is more of a script written by something far worse than a news mogul. Once again it’s the ones controlling Hollywood and all the big multinational corporations that our “Tax Dollars” subsidize.
John called it before these folks “Outted themselves so they could seem credible”.

“John was one of those guys you could have a conversation with and after four hours it feels like he just started talking.”

Youtube Show Host David Stay

The Autopsy report “rules the death as a suicide” however John made a statement contrary to this:

We can only hope the right people will come out with the truth sooner rather than later.

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