Iran forced to face U.S.A. Tactical Strike that killed General Qassem Soleimani

The burning of UK and American flags is a standard for the middle-east. Now, they demand “Double Vengeance” or as the twitter social media would put it “#HardRevenge

Qassem Soleimani, an advocate and director of Anti-United States attacks, was killed in a bombing on December 27 2019.

Due to the rising Anti-U.S. sentiment in places like Iran, Iraq, Syria and other middle-eastern Islamo-Political run nations the fallacious justification for “Killing Americans” is enforced by military leaders who’s propaganda would have them see them hailed as heroes.

Americans and their allies die in the name of Allah and General Soleimani gets praised as a martyr.

The Liberal Media will spin the story as “Trump Assassinates Iran’s Most Powerful Military Leader” where Iranian News says he’s “The Second Most Powerful man in the Iranian Military” and Conservative news sources will tote that a despot was vanquished. Further leaning news media will scream that “War has been declared” but very little will outwardly say weather or not this is about the billions of barrels of oil found under Iran back in November is something of a target or if his involvement in killing citizens, contractors, and allies was the reason.

The game has changed.

-Defense Secretary Mark Esper ,  after rocket attacks killed a citizen on December 27, 2019

All this being said has lead to a frightening uptick in declarations against the U.S.A and it’s people. Unlike the roars and cheers we saw during the Obama Era when Osama Bin Laden was taken out by a tactical unit on the George Bush Jr. Timetable and then-President Barrack Hussein Obama took the credit for the investigation and killing that was originally headed by Bush’s military advisory board of the C.I.A. asset Bin Laden, who had gone rogue, we are hearing a huge cacophony of Liberal Media screaming that “Orange Man bad!”and that “WAR IS COMING”.

The truth of the matter is:
Americans were being murdered and Qassem Soleimani was the man putting out the orders on it.

However, the death of one man lead to the following chant held at official state and public meeting places:

Down! Down USA! Death to America! Death to Israel!

Mourners and Protesters in Iran.

This is the narrative you are NOT hearing.

We are control.

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