YouTuber Greg “Onision” Jackson facing tough allegations!

Mister Greg “This is my VEGAN BODY” Jackson or as he calls himself “Onision”.

Youtube’s Onision has been a content creator for over 10 years. In that time much drama surrounds this actor/producer/director that bleeds from their real life into their work and visa versa

From zero to entertaining children to…

Greg Jackson or “Onision” was known for his contributions back in the early days of youtube. He was known for his video “I’m a banana” which entertained millions of children, adolescents, and some pre-teens.

This acted as a springboard which earned him the recognition of other youtubers like Smosh, Shane Dawson, Miss Hanna Minx, Cyr and about a dozen other personalities.

“I dated her for a week.”

Onision often bashes folks he used to work with when they don’t agree with his narrative. So much so that rather than move on he’ll go on his personal forums and rant about them or vent about it on the widely available youtube platform.

Onision is more than happy to tell the world. He also accused Shane of other things that we can’t repeat here without evidence.

We can only guess that the bridges have been burnt to cinders. So, with all the scorched earth behind Greg we can only guess that he must use the platform as a soapbox due to his ramblings. However, there is much more for us to delve into.

Things start to get weird…

Onision’s first wife divorced him after he left for Canada to meet his mistress.

Greg has a habit of filming everything he disagrees with including and not limited to the aftermath of leaving his wife whom he left destitute in the USA as he flew off to meet his mistress before a he was divorced. Due to this fallout you’d think he’d do better in his next relationship.

Shiloh, Canadian singer and actor was his mistress whom he married shortly after the divorce…

Thing weren’t the sunshine and rainbows that Mister Jackson portrayed through videos. So much so that he was more than willing to film his new life-partner going through seizures and a memory lapse while having a panic attack and because of this the world began to see what was really going on.

Shiloh later suffered a miscarriage and contracted sepsis while living in Onision’s home. After the fact she flew back to Canada to have it taken care of only to have family intervene.

Onision was more than willing to film freak-outs and various “falling outs” with his ex’s as a way to frame them as unstable and him as a benefactor of sorts. Due to the “Public View” being heavily swayed by his content frequency there was little the people suffering at his hands could do at the time.

Shilo interviews with Chris Hansen on her experience with Greg.

Because of the public displays, Greg Jackson, made of his relationships things began to snowball. This would not lead to any real public outcry until a few years after what he had put Shiloh through.

The Rabbit Hole deepens…

Onision has a home full of girls who “Found him” when they were underage and offers a place for them to live.

Allegedly, Greg began to invite girls to his home and “check the law to make sure being involved with them was legal” which puts up some major red-flags. We are talking some wild stuff.

Chris Hansen has been knocking these interviews out like a champion.

This is what we’d call a “Cycle of aberrant behavior”. We’ve got Skye, Shiloh, Sarah, Billie, and others dealing with his wants and needs. Since all of this has come to light we’d also like to inform you that his current life-partner has had two children with him. Children whom have witnessed this activity first-hand.

One of the girls best friends and a nanny who worked for Onision.

With all these folks coming forward it’s no wonder Onision lost his Patreon after doxing (exposing someone’s personal information to the public in an attempt to smear or intimidate the intended target) someone who, lawfully, disclosed how he treated them. Why exactly did he do it? We don’t know but the authorities have been informed because some of the things that have gone public have some dire implications.

Setting the stage for the intended victim to becomeĀ alienatedĀ from their primary caregivers/circles or family and community. Fear/dependency: Sets up a power dynamic in which the victim feels too afraid to report the abuse, perhaps by involving the victim in activities their friends and family might judge the victim negatively for, such as drug use (or even the abuse itself).

Urban Dictionary on “Grooming”

Is Greg Jackson guilty? What is his angle with this continuing cycle of control? Why would he allow his children to be exposed to this strange history of interaction?

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