Antifa Terrorists brutally attack and rob Gay Journalist in Portland on Pride Month

Hit with Quick Drying Cement “Milkshakes” laced with Lime Acid to inflict maximum damage as an improvised weapon to maximize damage to the Antifa Target, Andy Ngo…

Just when you thought it was safe to report the news. Neo-Facists called “Antifacists” have struck again… and Andy Ngo was their target

The day is June 29th in the current year of 2019. The Grassroots Domestic Terrorist organization, Antifa, funded by Democrats like George Soros and Hillary Clinton have taken up arms much like the Nazi Browncoats of the 1930s and 1940s to attack “The Opposition” or for a better word, Republicans. Andy Ngo is what we call a “Liberal Conservative” where he walks the line, thinks people should work hard, and love who they want to.

It’s not something you see everyday. However, when the police of Portland are off guzzling down real milkshakes while the protesters surround and attack a journalist with lime laced quick cement “Milkshakes” after they smash his face and steal his camera we can only wonder who is to blame? Where are the police? Where are the national guard? Where is the FBI and CIA to protect citizens and civilians from violent domestic terrorists within the Homeland?

After the beating he films himself and the police FINALLY show up. Despite not being ANYWHERE during the video above.

Andy Ngo has been a reporter for more conservative news media, nothing like Fox or the Extremist Left’s Vice or CNN but unlike normal human beings Liberal Journalists and writers are actually standing up for the Domestic Terrorists, Antifa, rather than condemn them it would seem Christopher Mathias and Carlos Maza encourage it. You know, attacking citizens who share a different opinion. They tried their HARDEST to delete these images and statements from Twitter but we have a few folks that were hard at work finding out what media “Personalities” would be capitulating to the Neo-Facist “Antifa”.

We do not condone violence here (but we WILL show it). Antifa has to use chemical warfare, batons, bear mace and the like against tax-paying Americans to “Get their way” when real citizens are willing to actually engage in fisticuffs and knock them out cold.

Despite this, Andy Ngo was not there to fight. He was there to report and get the word out o facts. The fact is very apparent:

Antifa and it’s supporters are Domestic Terrorists who attack non-combat citizens and opposition protesters alike without impunity or regard for who it is while simultaneously consisting off SSI, Disability, and Pensions funded with tax dollars. This is treason.

The fact that this is “Pride Month” and that Andy Ngo is gay only further shows that Antifa are NOT allies of the LGBTQ community and they do not intend on making right these wrongs. They hide their faces while in public and while anonymity is one thing we can have online, it’s not something you are granted when you’re a Domestic Terrorist attacking innocent homosexual journalists.


The Portland Police have only arrested 3 of the dozen or so assailants and have not been able to return the stolen Go-Pro camera. Andy last reported he was in surgery for correcting the gashes these violent criminals put on his face.

It’s only a matter of time before he seeks justice. This whole event and what transpired is grounds for massive lawsuits against the Police, the City, the Mayor and the organizers of the Antifa protest. Will Federal and State officials step in to aid Mr. Ngo or will they go silent as our tax dollars are spent elsewhere?

We are control.

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