What is George Soros up to now? 1%ers money is on the move!

While Snopes and Forbes will tell you “He didn’t help any Nazis” we have a clip from an interview where he admits it…

Nazi youth turned billionaire investor, George Soros, has dumped millions into attempting to interfere with the eletion results after the 2016 Potus was elected. Now his money has been moving south of the U.S. boarder…

Credit goes to D’Souza Media for this video

Many Liberals and even some Conservatives will say “George Soros never did anything to assist the Nazis.” however his words confirming the contrary after being asked in an interview about being part of Hitler’s Germany and assisting Nazis at the time seems strange because he was Jewish, after all. However, (Citation: History Channel) so was Hitler (despite the instance by Jewish owned and operated JewishVirtualLibrary) and that fallacy no longer holds water. He was indoctrinated in his youth who grew into a loyal member of the 3rd Reich and in the interview above he expressed that he “Felt no remorse as he took property from those whom were imprisoned because it would either be him or someone else” which is a strange thing for someone now over 65+ years of age would admit to without remorse.
Machiavelli Niccolo Says: I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.

He survived, bet against British Currency, and made his first BILLION dollars.

After the Nazis fell and he began living his live as a civilian he went about using his education from the London School of Economics as a trader and began his (Citation: Investopedia) hedge fund. Once he moved whatever wealth he had against the bank of England and began shorting it when he saw there was an opportunity and “Broke it”. Costing over 3 Billion to the British National bank in 1992 on the 16th of September. This action, while decades old, not only made George go from Millionaire to Billionaire with his knowledge of internal Eco-Politics and landing himself the title of the paramount “Currency Speculator” in the world. George, in his own right, is an amazing trader and can’t be faulted for knowing how to gut a artificially inflated currency.
Sun Tzu Says: Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

Don’t worry, he’s had plans for that money…

Having your finger on the pulse of the World Banks ebb and flow is quite a position especially as a trader with that title. Becoming a philanthropist and assisting “The Second World” citizens starving for anything and Third World immigrants residing in First World nations only serves to bolster his image while at the same time (Citation: Business Insider) shorting nations effected by workforce or population decline is quite the feat. (Citation: South China Morning Post) This is nothing new and his attempts to gain a foothold then subsequent catastrophic failure in China prove that.
Sun Tzu Says: In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity

He’s just a “Stand-Up” kinda guy who has a company that gives tons of money to people, right?

Soros likes to compare Republicans to the (Citation: Tabletmag) Nazis, often, claiming the rhetoric of Patriotism or the desire to “secure a nation from threats outside and from within” to be much like “Goebbels ” as he remembers it so well back when he heard it when he was 13 (Citation:City Journal) (strange, he can tell that it was wrong back then but in the interview he felt what he was doing following orders wasn’t wrong at all). (Citation: Ruters) Soros likes to spend money where he knows it will have the most impact and nations are actually taking a stand against him and his aiding of illegal migration while left-leaning fanatics call it a “Right-Wing Nationalist Plot” and shill media like Bloomberg claim it’s an “Imaginary Problem” despite Hungary passing a ‘Stop Soros’ Law doing exactly what it’s namesake intends. If Soros can’t profit from you (Citation: Wikileaks) he’ll label you as an enemy to the world or a tyrant.
Sun Tzu Says: The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.

Forbes and the New York Times are more than willing to go to bat for Soros…

On the 20th of September 2016 (same month many years ago he made his Billion dollars in one day, fascinating) Soros admits to investing half a billion dollars, $500,000,000, on (Citation: George Soros) Immigrants. He claims to be helping people in need, escaping civil war, poverty, political strife, and abhorrent qualities of living. However, while it’s nice he decided to start after President Obama was on his way out and at the same time P.O.T.U.S Trump was changing in something else was very amiss..
Sun Tzu Says: to blame.

Private Citizen invests MILLIONS in efforts to effect change in legislation…

Soros has sided with the Liberals, aggressive Anti-Fa Rioters, and Left Extremists as a (Citation: The Guardian) Globalist who condemn anyone with more money than them (or just other Million and Billionaires in this case) while he uses his non-profit, (Citation: Influencewatch)The Open Society Foundation, as a “Cat’s Paw” to push forward with his (Citation: Business Insider) World Bank New World Order. You’ll notice from the Citation at Influence Watch “The Open Society Foundation” has been given millions by the U.S. Government and said funds have been further redistributed externally to other nations which the U.S.A. already gives in foreign aid. Your tax dollars in the forms of tens of millions. The United States treasury other branches of the government are, in fact, paying money to a Globalist Agenda former Billionaire ex-Nazi youth who felt no remorse for “just following orders” when “he was young” to (Citation: Sovereign Nations) destabilize nations and force migrant surges while Veterans and the impoverished are dying, freezing, and starving in your streets. This is the crux of the entire Leftist Agenda as they blame business owners for “Unfair Treatment of Citizens” while they simultaneously encourage foreign powers to take every job out there at a slave wage.
Sun Tzu says: All warfare is based on deception.

Billions of dollars in funding. Can’t Afford a logo…

In may of 2019, (Citation: Variety) Vice Media, the guys who write about eating cupcakes with period blood in and taking (Citation: Vice) Shroomsto cure mental disorders because a bunch of drugged up “professionals” hooked on it theorizes it’s a good idea was given $250,000,000 by George Soros and other Investors. You can find their stance on the president by just taking a look at their website and you’ll notice where they stand. Where he’s dumping his next few hundred million is anyone’s guess but with an election coming up and the Democrats preparing a Clown Car full of Pseudo-Communists and Proto-Socialists all sipping the proverbial Globalist Leninade it’s going to be quite a show.

Tastes like hunger.

We are Control.

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