David Stay calls out Hollywood Liberal Neo-Facist Propaganda Machine and goes untouched!

The Darkness grows!

It’s not every day that an independent Actor and Producer, David Stay, comes out to attack the modern media and their propagandist narrative.

David Stay, an actor from the United States played the character villainous Mandarr from Captain Photon and Writer/Director/Actor in Sphere of the Lycanthrope. In addition he’s been credited in over a dozen projects on IMDB but on May 5th 2019 he had a interview with controversial YouTube Personality and Critical Pundant “Mister Metokur” (Mediocre misspelled and used as an insult to one of his critics). This interview covered the story of David’s stint in Japan working as one of the first American bartenders in the Hard Rock Café’s Japan-Based location where he got a chance to work in Television as the villain, Mandarr.

David does not conform to the Hollywood “Politically Correct” crowd and refuses to allow himself to be controlled by the very “White Slavers” people like George Lucas talk about.

The entire job ran for 21 episodes which gave David a start but after learning Japanese through immersion, he, decided not to “Get big in Japan”. Since then he’s been in various other productions. However, Magnum Opus, The Sphere of the Lycanthrope, came into our reality:

A movie that will drop your jaw once or twice, for sure.

This was accomplished all while he was providing personal security for the District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York, for six months. After that, they shot and wrapped the movie in 6 days. David, himself, nearly died during the shooting after having accidentally swallowed his prosthetic fangs. The cast thought he was “Acting” which you can actually see some of during the blooper reel during the credits. Another story attached to this film was of David tracking down an editor whom had offered to cut the film for him who lived on a boat and spend nearly a day babysitting the supposed professional and driving over 100 miles just to get the raw footage back.

The film won him multiple awards in 2009:

  • AOF Film Festival- Best Horror Film
  • Script 2 Screen- Best Horror Film Feature

Nominations for:

  • AOF Film Festival- Best Special Effects Feature
  • AOF Film Festival- Best Costume Design Feature
  • Script 2 Screen- Best Actor Feature
“Yes, soon we will have victory then we can all…sleep.” -Mandarr, antagonist in Captain Photon, describing basically how we all feel on a Friday at the end of a grueling work week.

This was a solid win for Mr. Stay. However, the interview took a darker turn. David began disclosing the darker side of Hollywood and the Propaganda Machine that the millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires and beyond use to control the public agenda and Social Optics. Some people would call him “Red Pilled” the fact is he’s not far from the truth. We’ve got some solid bullet-points on this with citations on many of his claims (not all of them):

The hour+ interview with Metokur.
If you’ve actually watched the show you will notice in the show, Captain Photon, the “Good Guys” use weapons just like the “Bad Guys”.

David has made many other statements:

Some of the statements made we do not agree with however, one’s self reality is what they have observed with their own eyes and perceived with their own mind. It is only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, exposes that which lies beyond the veil what we are programmed to believe.

A young David Stay as Mandarr
Moloch worshiped at the Bohemian Grove by the 1%ers whom run the U.S.A.

To find out more about David Stay and his vigil against the false narrative spun by the gross, child molesting, Pedophile, Spirit/Soul Denying, civilian exploiting, world polluting, hypocritical, psychopathic, planetary dominating narcissistic, “Over 4 million dollars in the bank” income standard, Neo-Facist Liber-Communist Sumerian Owl God Worshiping check out his Social Medial:
Youtube Channel

We got a mention!

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