God begs for money

Social Media Propagandist “God” begs for money after being deplatformed and spins a narrative defending STEM School Domestic Terrorists…

Blaming the facebook platform for “changing the algorithm”.

Days do not go by without questioning “Are we real?”, “Is there more to life than this drag and immoral cesspool of children drag queen strippers?”, “Is Joe Biden really a creepy weirdo that is “too huggy” when around other people?”, and “Should I really be taking the Red Pill this late in the game?”. While all these concerns are valid “God” has answered them with a simple post as seen below.

Using other people’s Memes.

The Lament of the all powerful Judaeo Christian Deity hits close to home with many hard-working American citizens. Concerns like “How will I pay my bills?”, “Who is going to pay for my weed/cush/pot/marijuana and beer?”, “How will I eat without money if I can’t plagiarizer and monetize the imagery of one of the largest religions in the world?”, “Don’t people understand I can’t possibly go out and work a real job.“, and finally “Why would these right-wing psychopaths deplatform me after I shit on them for years?” are valid when it comes to being a Career Parasite like “God” has been for years but this is only scratching the surface.

This Failed Podcast pulls less than 3k views while ripping on the mythos of Christianity…

While their income has been tanked it seems that they’ve never had money in “savings” or an actual job for that matter. Having been in that situation, most people, go and get another line of work or a job to supplement the lost income but not God. No, God has to beg for your shill-sheckles for their Podcast and Patreon page with over $2000+ a month worth of income just to “Make ends meet”, “Pay the rent”, “Pay the living expense” because “no one has time to listen to the podcast” which translates to “the content is boring, echo chamber hugbox communist gobbldygook”. We listened to 4 minutes of the last posted podcast and take it from us: It’s Garbage.

Let’s bounce around from Politics to Humanitarian issues to game of thrones because much of the content we share isn’t ours but we get views anyways!

After taking a gander at the literal gigabytes of hate thrown at every organized religion under the sun (Including Satanists, Mormons, Buddhists, Islamic, Christians, Adventists, and any other they can find articles on) we’ve resolved to figure that they’re not actually a business. They might have a podcast, they might have merchandise, they may have copyrighted content and trademarked material but what they don’t have in bulk is actual content from a viable advertiser standpoint. The “posts” on “God’s” page consists of “shared” posts from other sources, websites, social media pages, articles from online publications, conjecture from other content creators and otherwise “Skimming of topical content to get traffic”. Which, by Facebook and most advertiser standards is actually a “frowned upon practice”. Something done by dozens if not hundreds of “Get rich quick” scheming content creators on social media to “Use other people’s content to boost your own while offering your slight interjection and sell your merchandise in place of a service or standard”.

This is called “Hate Bait” used to demonize anyone who supports the Second Amendment by using Children as Martyrs. A tactic used by terrorists in the middle east for justifying attacks on other human beings in the name of their “God”.

However, while it’s not illegal to be a scumbag and skim users with content produced by other people, instigating hate towards a group of people, minority, or majority, is. We’ve seen it with Antifa calling members of the opposing party “Nazis” in order to justify getting violent (and acting like actual Nazis themselves) while, in truth, many of those on the right hate Nazis just as much as they do. “God” has a knack for doing exactly what the Peace Loving god of Christianity would not do. That’s instigating more hate, if you have not caught on. Hate towards other religions, hate towards majorities and minorities, hate towards people who own fire arms, hate towards people who work for a living, and generally hate towards anyone who supports the current years President of the United States of America. That’s right, rather than call out the STEM School shooter that was an 18 year old male transitioning into a female who shot up a school yesterday, God, on facebook blames gun owners and not the communist on hormones who praised Obama and hates the President. That’s right, God, would rather spin an narrative and support domestic transsexual terrorists. We’ve confirmed this with a screenshot and it’s only a matter of time before we get to the bottom of this insanity.

We are Control.

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